• Bishozi Women Culture Center
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    bishozi women culture center
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    Ugandiska bikupor
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  • Bishozi Fathers Association

    Variant bikupa
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BIP work in southwestern Uganda and in the capital, Kampala

Thank you all for your commitment and support as well as purchased goats, cow, sheep and hens. All your great contributions have made our projects in Uganda possible and your help allows us to to continue BIP's projects.

For the year 2011 we want to give special thanks to:

Tegneby församling, Orust

Ulla Fredriksson, Panneröd

Ekenäskolan i Ödsmål

Lis Romlöw, Göteborg

Morups Friskola, Långås

Stenungsunds Kulturkontor

Björn Axén Hairdressers

Congrex Sweden AB

VUH, Volvos U-hjälpsförening

odibo AB

Forum Syd/SIDA