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the waterproject

djupborrad brunn bishozi

Waiting for rain to come and fill a hole with muddy water, which they did in Bishozi before, is not working.We need to drill deep to get clean water which means that we need better technology then what is available in the village.

In January 2006 we were able to drill a well in Bishozi thanks to a large contribution from the people of Stenungsund, Sweden. We found water 60 meters underground and since then all the people around Bishozi have access to clean water. This is necessary for the people of the village’s health and it’s growth. Since the well is on the Bishozi Primary Schools area the schoolchildren have access to water all day. 

Water is a big problem for the people in the village Akati. This is why we chose water as a theme for this year, 2012. Therefore we have waterdrops for sale, 1 SEK each, and we hope that we can drill and build a well in Akati very soon. Buy 7 drops for 1 USD or 9 drops for 1 EURO.
If you want to experience what living in a problematic water situation is, just as the people in Uganda do, you could turn off the water for just a few days. Fill a couple of plastic barrels with water in the closest lake every morning, carry the water yourself and use it for everything from cooking to cleaning and hygiene. Try if for a few days and you’ll get a sense of what the people of Uganda live with every day of their lives.

Picture: The drilled well in Bishozi.