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BIP work in southwestern Uganda and in the capital, Kampala


get i  Bishozi Uganda

BIP’s first project was The Goat-bank because it seemed like the easiest and cheapest way to help people in Uganda in the beginning. The women were used to taking care of goats and they knew that a goat was cheap to own and that they multiply at a rapid rate. Goats are common in Uganda since the nature is well suited for the animal, therefore the Ugandans eat a lot of goat meat. After a lot of processing, The Swedish Goat-bank was born.

How it works:
Contributors buy a goat for The Swedish Goat-bank which is managed by The Bishozi Women Association. The women registered will, in turn, take care of a pregnant goat. The first litter will go back to the goat-bank and the project, but the next coming will be the families own goats.

Billy-goats that are not used for breeding in the project will be sold on the market. The revenues will be used for goat medicines, teacher salaries and study material. To be able to borrow a goat from the project, the woman has to go to school every Saturday.

All women who take good care of their goats and conduct their studies as promised will be able to apply for a cow. The application will show what she learns in school and the cow will raise her status in the society. This will drive the development of equality forward. A cow can give a family an income, meat and milk which means a better future for their children.

Getter från Svenska Getbanken

<< Left: Goats from the Swedish Goatbank in Uganda.

Down: Women with their goats