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matafari tegelstensforetag

Matafari Brickcompany

August 2004 was the beginning of a new brickcompany in Bishozi, Uganda. Around 30 women, members of The Bishozi Women Association, were manufacturing the bricks by hand in the traditional ugandian way.

These bricks were used for building The Bishozi Women Culture Center and we could buy them cheap since the bricks were made close to the construction site. This also gave the women a fresh start as well as an income of their own.

Matafari Brickcompany has grown over the years and this has been one of the reasons for an improved equality in the village. Today there are both women and men working for the company and they are still delivering bricks for buildings in BIP’s projects.

If you want to contribute to Matafari Brickcompany and BIP’s projects, then transfer your money to bankgiro 5781-2927. Nominal the transfer “Matafri” and the money will go directly to the project. If you want to give away bricks as a gift for someone you know you will also get a nice certificate.