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BIP work in southwestern Uganda and in the capital, Kampala

Hens project

chicken project

When we visit Uganda, a lot of grateful people want to give us gifts and one time Annette Rosati received three hens, but she didn’t know what to do with them since she doesn’t eat meat. Therefore a 12 years old boy offered to take care of her hens until she came back from Sweden. When she returned five months later the boy told her about how his parents had become ill and died and how he now had to take care of himself.

It happens that children get bullied at school in Uganda because they don’t have a school uniform and the teacher can send kids home because they’re missing books and pencils. The 12 years old boy eventually ended up going there and was mostly just feeling sorry for himself without understanding the potential income that the hens could give him. Annette realized that she couldn’t take her hens back, the boy needed them more. She asked one of the teachers for help and they figured out that if the boy sells the eggs and the chickens from the three hens he could provide himself with school uniforms, books and pens.

Soon we figured that this could help more orphaned children like this boy. This was the beginning of the orphanage schoolchildren hens project. As you can see, this, just as many of our projects, began with a problem encountered on site.

Do you want to support an orphanage? Contribute with a minimum of three hens and you will
give a child the opportunity to continue school. Each hen costs 25 SEK // 3,6 USD // 2,7 EURO

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