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BIP work in southwestern Uganda and in the capital, Kampala

Bishozi Primary school


A lot of schools in rural Uganda are run on minimum resources. Before BIP started their work in Bishozi there wasn’t enough space for all the children to have class inside, so some lessons had to be giving outdoors. There were only two classrooms in the school building and one rainy season the whole building collapsed.

BIP built the first school building one year after their first visit in Bishozi. The school consisted of two new classrooms, an office and a storage room. We were five members from Sweden going to Uganda on our own expenses and some people from the capitol Kampala joined as well. This was the beginning of our work in Uganda.

We have been able to continue the work since then by giving them access to four more school houses. One traditional house with papyrus ceiling, funded by a Swedish school, Ekenässkolan in Ödsmål, and Hos Marta och Maria Secondhand in Stenungsund. The special ceiling meant that we could save some of the traditional construction and at the same time give the building a cool and comfortable indoor climate. The company Kallberg AB in Stenungsund funded a total renovation of one old school house and we were also able to build a third new one in connection with this. The construction of a fourth school house started in the end of 2010, which is to be used for art and cultural activities. We inaugurated the building as a memory of Göran Lundh from Nösund in January 2011.

With contributions from the Swedish school in Ödsmål it also became possible to build a latrine for the Bishozi Primary School. This is, for obvious reasons, of big importance when it comes to hygiene and the health of the school children.

We have started work on building a new church near the school area, since the old one is almost falling apart. A church is important in a lot of ways. In daytime the school can use it for class as well as a hall for the children to meet. In the nights and weekends this is a good meeting place for the people of the village. The construction is partly funded by Hos Marta och Maria Secondhand, but we need more money to continue the work. We appreciate any and all contributions we receive. If you want to know more or contribute to the project, please email us at annette.rosati@bishozi.co

You can also help a child with their school expenses by buying them three hens. Each hen costs 25 SEK // 3,6 USD // 2,7 EURO. Bankgiro: 5781-2927, nominal the payment with hens.

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