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BIP work in southwestern Uganda and in the capital, Kampala

adult education for woman


To organize the women in Bishozi, we started with painting together. The theme for the painting was “How could we change our living conditions in the future?” The women painted goats, cows and crops, as well as school buildings. This became the basis of our work.

We found out that most of the women never got the chance to go to school as children and almost 80% of the women didn’t even know how to read or write in their own language nor did they know how to count. Therefore we connected the goat-bank with adult education for women. A woman who receives a goat must go to school every Saturday and soon it was clear that almost all the women where extremely eager to study, even if they had to wait for a goat. At first the men in Bishozi didn’t want their wives to go to school, but when they heard that the family would receive a goat if they did, they changed their minds.

When a woman learns how to read and write, her status in society will increase. When she learns how to count it will not be as easy for other people to fool her when she sells handmade baskets or other products. The voted leaders of the women will get training in leadership, but everyone who studies may over time also become more self reliant and daring to make their voices heard.

Another important thing about the Saturday education is that the women of Bishozi get the opportunity to get out of their houses and meet other women. This, in turn, makes women stronger in a mainly male dominated society.

Contact: annette.rosati@bishozi.com