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BIP work in southwestern Uganda and in the capital, Kampala

BIP, Bishozi International ProGRAM

bishoz skola

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BIP started in 1997 as a political, religious and cultural nonprofit organization. Through creative cultural exchange projects the goal of the organization is to help people in different parts of the world grow and develop both individually and as a group, which in the future can change whole communities.

There is an expanding international cultural exchange in Uganda. Right now there are projects going on in four villages, Bishozi, Mbogo, Akati and Mirama, in the Kiruhuradistrict, as well as in the capital, Kampala. These projects are, for example, The Swedish Goat-Bank that also promotes education for women, The Swedish Kow-Bank, cultivating projects for widows affected by HIV or AIDS, as well as projects where orphaned school children receive chickens and teenage girls receive sheep.

BIP welcomes members to volunteer, but also to take part in seminars, workshops, art courses, exchange trips, summer camps and other events. There is information about the organizations work available for the members on a regular basis.

What seperates BIP from other aid organizations is that we do not intermediaries. We cooperate with cultural administrations, schools and Forum Syd/SIDA, but we always keep direct communication with the people in need in Uganda who themselves are in charge of their own developmental projects.

Minimum membership fee is 120 SEK // 18 USD // 13 EURO. Larger amounts are welcome.
Bank: 5781-2927.

We have been working from the cultural house in Ödsmål, Sweden, since 2007.


Bishozi International Projects
BIP Ödsmåls Kulturhus
Östra Starrkärr 201
444 96 Ödsmål

Telephone: +46703-640 812
Email: annette.rosati@bishozi.com